Pumpkins and falling leaves...

There is nothing I love more than the crisp fall air, the falling leaves and scavenging the fields for amazing finds to incorporate into our designs. As a designer, using natural products that are found in nature are one of our favourite ways of adding texture and creating appeal. As in the summer, when we raid our gardens for flowers to bring inside, I encourage you to get outside in the fall and find different elements to use in your fall projects. Wheat, bull rushes, branches, pine cones and spoiled grasses are some of my favourite and staple finds when I'm foraging. 

In the shop, fall means a new begging. We start our new fall classes, we re-merchandise the show room, our website gets a warm new look and we all start designing a little differently. I hope that in the next few weeks you have a chance to stop by and see our new cooler and our new fall finds. We are so excited about the launch of a few of our new brands and new collections. Stay tuned to social media for more updates and to be wowed and completely inspired. 

Creatively yours, 

Tanya Anderson