Fragrant Stock for Fab Friday

On Friday, February 19, our Fab Friday special is lovely stock flowers for only $20. You may have seen this flower used in several arrangements, but may not know much about it. So we thought - we'd do a little blog about this frequently seen, but rarely heard spring flower.

Stock, sometimes known as the Gillyflower, is spire-like in shape with several blossoms on each thick stalk. It comes it lovely pastels hues; lavenders, creams, pinks, yellows, and also in rich deeps mauves and purples. The blossoms can be found with single or double petals.

Stock is most famous for is fragrant, clove-like scent that can brighten up a whole room. As long as you give your stock a fresh cut and fresh water everyday, they should last in a vase about five days. Happy Friday everyone!