Bold and Bespeckled Tango Lilies

Today's Fabulous Friday special is 10 stems of tango lilies for $20.

We last had these as a Fab Friday special around Thanksgiving and I was mesmerized by their "pumpkin pie centre", so I decided to learn a little more about these bold and bespeckled beauties. 

Tango lilies come in an assortment of wonderful autumn colours and have a speckled burgundy centre. When the blooms fully open, the contrast between the bold colour and the dark centre is quite a dramatic one. Surprisingly, these theatrical tango lilies have quite a subtle fragrance.

These flowers will last in a vase for up to 12 days. Each bud will slowly open over a period of days revealing its caramel centre piece. That means you will most likely have these tango lilies still thriving after the next Fab Friday special!

When you take these flowers home, be sure to give them a fresh cut and remove any foliage that will be below the water line. Keep these lovelies in a cool location out of direct sunlight and away from drafts. Replenish their water as needed.

Happy Friday!