Cherishing Chocolate Joy

Most of us I'm sure are trying hard to keep our new year's resolutions and start the year off on a healthier note and I applaud you! My new year's resolution can be summed up in one word: joy. I want to celebrate and make room for as much joy in my life as possible.  

Cherishing chocolate, especially really well made chocolate, is one of those little moments in life that brings me joy. Luckily I don't have to look very far to sate the odd craving for cocoa delights because we carry delicious chocolates made by local Saskatchewan chocolatier, Harden & Huyse. 

Located in Saskatoon, Harden & Huyse is a family business that has been providing chocolate moments of joy since 1982. They originated from Belgium and learned their time-consuming craft at the hands of old-world Belgian chocolate makers. Only the best ingredients are used. Most supplies, from the raw chocolate products to the fruit purees, are frequently imported from Belgium, France and other regions of Europe.

I'm not alone in my love for devouring these scrumptious sweet treats. We have a customer that comes in almost every day for just one singular milk Rembrandt - his absolute favourite. We have many customers that swear by the hazelnut crunch chocolates shaped like horse heads. Some customers only buy the dark chocolate and some prefer the milk. Me - I like mostly dark with a little milk thrown in there for good measure. 

We sell pre-packaged boxes, or you can create your own custom assortment of happiness. Come on in and taste some joy!